Champion Winning Secrets

The winning habits (listed below) taught in this video training course will help you become the Champion you desire to be!


Scroll down to learn the Habits of Champions, read the testimonials, then click the "Let's Go Champ" button below to become the champion you desire to be!


Habit 1: Daily Discipline

Learn this 10 minute training routine to compound your strength and punching power!

Habit 2: Become Untouchable

Use this strategy to take away your opponent's chance to land combinations and power punches.

Habit 3: Control the Fight

Master these techniques and you will control every fight on your way to winning the championship.

Habit 4: Keep It One Sided

Learn this strategy and develop these skills to build your lead throughout each round!

Habit 5: Be the Boss

Learn how to make sure the judges are scoring the punches you land.

Habit 6: Break 'em Down

Use these strategies and techniques to break your opponent down physically and mentally.

Habit 7: Train Like a Champ!

Focus on these three areas to better prepare yourself to get the most out of your training before and after your championship!

Habit 8: Competitive Advantage

Develop a superior competitive advantage and step into the ring with total confidence!

"I coached Steve when he was in the U.S. Army World Class Athlete Program. I always believed he would one day become a great coach. In boxing there are Coaches, Trainers, and Teachers and they each play a different role. There are a small group of trainers who have the abilities to be all three and he is one of them. He has the right ingredients to become one of the best coaches in boxing. Steve has a very high boxing IQ along with several other impressive attributes: He has fighting experience, he is well organized and always prepared; he is analytical; a great motivator; excellent communicator; an optimist and most importantly, he has character. If he continues this journey as a trainer he will become one of the greats."

Basheer Abdullah
4-Time U.S. Olympic Coach (2000, 2004, 2008, 2012) Head Coach of the U.S. Army World Class Athlete Program Boxing Team (1997 - 2012)

"I know first hand Steve is the best trainer in the Quad City area and he is up there with the best trainers known world wide. Steve is a master at strategic game plans. Not only does he have a great boxing IQ, he has a long history in boxing to know the sport very well and knows how to condition you to be fully prepared physically and mentally. In our first year together, I placed 2nd at State. After the 2nd year, I placed 3rd in the nation. In the 4th year I was ranked #1 in the US. My list of accomplishments goes on as Steve helped me throughout the rest of my amateur career. In 2009 Steve sent me to Colorado to train with his former trainer Basheer Abdullah at the World Class Athlete Program to focus on making the 2012 Olympics. While there I won silver at National PAL and won gold at the Ringside National Championships. I eventually qualified for the Olympic Trails, competing against the top 8 boxers in the country. Even though Steve was not physically training me, he was always mentoring me, giving me motivation, training tips and really involved in my training regimen. He had a lot to do with my accomplishments because what I learned from Steve from day one is what has helped me get to where I am today. In 2012 I returned home from Colorado and lived out one of my dreams of becoming a professional. Steve once again was preparing me and was in my corner as I stepped in the ring for the first time as a pro and won my fight via stoppage. Steve teaches the fundamentals of boxing that can carry anyone to a successful career. He can motivate and bring the fire out in anyone. Not only have I learned how to box from Steve, he also teaches you characteristics you must have to be successful in anything you do not only boxing. Like learning discipline, being determined, believing in yourself and being committed. He helps you set goals and helps you reach them. I give anyone the advantage if you are learning from Steve, whether you are a beginner or someone who is advanced. I can say I would not be where I am today without Steve's guidance."

Smokin Joe Perez
3-Time National Champion Former member of TEAM USA and now a Professional Boxer

"I've had the pleasure to work with Coach Steve preparing for both the National Golden Gloves and USA Men's Elite National Championships. He gave me fight plans and strategies that kept me winning all the way up to the semi-finals in the National Golden Gloves where I lost a very close 3-2 split decision. At the USA's Elite Championship I made it to the quarter finals and dropped a two-time National Golden Gloves Champion with a right hand in the first round using a visualization technique Steve taught me! "

Tony Woods
3x Iowa Golden Gloves Champion and now a Professional Boxer (Debut on Showtime undercard)

Champion Winning Secrets

The winning habits taught in this video training course will help you become the Champion you desire to be!


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